Aggie Doctor Brags About Canning Obama Voter. Or Does He?

A palate cleanser to start your Friday off the right way. Namely, liberals losing all their marbles over a story: Alleged Aggie Doctor Brags Of Firing Obama-Voting Employee

The TexAgs political message board is probably not the best place to go for nuanced, sophisticated discussion of the day’s issues, unless you think Fox News is fair and balanced.

But things can get lively. Like recently, when a poster named dermdoc put up an item headed “Laid off my first Obama voting employee today.

Our reimbursement rates are spiraling downward, taxes are projected to go up with Obamacare, so I did it.

This is for you crag.

On another note, my internal medicine doc for 20 years is retiring over this Obamacare crap. I am really starting to get pissed……

Firing people for their political views — it’s the American way.

Unfortunately, we cannot judge the forum post on its own merits, as it no longer exists. It may have been whacked, it may be that the forum only has so many posts at one time, as happens with the, Masslive, and other forums.

As you can imagine, fellow Aggies were quick to condemn him…for not laying off more of those godless Democrats, more or less.

“Good for you doc!” said one.

“I would love to be able to fire Obama voters. Youre helping them more than hurting them. Conservatives are not the only ones who need to realize that elections have consequences. Its time to grow up and live in the real world,” said another.

And, as usual, the liberal who wrote the post for the Houston Post went for the hard hitting political commentary

Yes, something definitely does suck. But we think it’s you, dermdoc.

Dermdoc, thou has been skewered. Feel the pain. Burned. Huh? You don’t care, because you aren’t a thin skinned liberal? Cool.

And then the comments get funny

  • wow, I’m sorry that there is an aggie out there doing this. I’m not afraid to say that I’m an Aggie and I voted for Obama! Suck it Dermdoc! He’ll get his in the end. (oh, good, threats)
  • in need of several thousand synonyms for illogical a**hole.
  • Sad to identify myself as an Aggie if there are douches like that out there calling themselves Aggies.This doctor is going to realize that all actions has consequences – no one worth their salt will want to work for this spineless, racist SOB. (wait, racist?)
  • Thanks, Chris, for reminding us how ridiculous the far-left idiots are that read this blog by trying to play the “racist” card. I challenge you to show me one reference to race in the whole thread. If you can’t, it only exposes the reactionary, mindless attacking nature of the left. We do agree on one thing: I am also sad that a douche like you self-identifies as an Aggie.
  • A black man won the office of president, GET OVER IT RACISTS, the world is changing. Racism still play a vital role in AGGIES minds.

And, so comments from the non-unhinged sector

  • Hold on…you quote his initial post where he states the reason why he had to cut back and then you follow it up with “Firing people for their political views — it’s the American way”? Seriously?
  • He didn’t fire the employee for voting for Obama. If only liberals could read …
  • How many times have we been told “elections have consequences” and “I won”? When your politcal activism causes a business to lose money and jobs have to be cut because of it, it should come as no surprise when you’re let go. Karma has already been served.
  • If anyone could read the thread still, you would see that it came down to the doctor needing to make a business decision based on rising costs. He had an employee who supported the cause of those rising costs. The leap to deciding who to let go couldn’t have been a difficult one even if firing someone was.
  • I posted on the original thread and know for a fact he stated he based his decisions on the 21% cut in medicare reimbursements, which the insurance companies followed. The “projected” you speak of are the projected tax increases Obamacare could/would bring. He did what any good business owner does when costs go up and revenue goes down. He started cutting costs, and unfortunately, the easiest and fastest way to cut cost is to lay off.

What do you think?

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