AGW Today: Attacking The Messenger

Just a continuation of the standard Climahysteric tactic of attacking the messenger, rather than dealing with the message

Has anybody ever faced more ad hominem attacks than Al Gore? He claims he invented the internet (he didn’t); he’s fat (OK, so he was); his movie is full of lies (it wasn’t); his home burns more energy than some small cities (I don’t know and I don’t care).

The Internet thing is a joke (unsurprisingly, lefties do not get jokes, unless they are about killing George W. Bush,) he is fat, his movie was full of lies, he does use more energy than most, and, the last part is the kicker. Maybe the writer at the San Fran Chronicle, Cameron Scott, should spend some time learning some facts. But, alas, that would get in the way of some good ad hominem attacks

The latest attack, which seems to come from climate-denialist PR man extraordinaire Marc Morano, alleges that Gore is a carbon profiteer whose efforts to lead the world into a cleaner economy are driven by his investments in clean energy companies. This “controversy” earned itself an article in today’s New York Times.

The same Marc Morano who has challenged numerous climahysterics to debates, and they all back out.

This strikes me as a Catch-22. Gore has money. He’s gotten most of it from his work for the climate, including his Oscar-winning film and his Nobel Prize. Much of that money he’s donated to environmental nonprofits, but some of it he has invested. If Gore had investments in oil, say, he would quickly be called a hypocrite (see the charge above about his household energy use). He’s chosen to invest–in accordance with his “values and beliefs,” as he puts it–in renewable energy and efficiency technologies. Which is a bad thing…how?

So, Big Pharma is pushing for legislation that is going to allow them to sell more of some medicine, so they can make more money. Think Cameron would have an issue with that? Cam goes on to list a bunch of Republicans who make money off of oil. Yet, Cam misses the point that those Republicans aren’t running around the world, being very carbon non-friendly, and demanding that legislation be passed that will take massive amounts of money out of people’s pockets and putting it in his own, based on a phony issue.

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