Alaska Supreme Court Shoots Down Parental Notification For Underage Abortions

The pro-abortion worshiping Left has long had a major problem with parental notification, seeing this as a restriction too far…well, really, any restriction on abortion is a restriction too far. In this case, what they’re very upset with is privacy rights and equal protection rights of underage girls. Keep that in mind

(AP) The Alaska Supreme Court on Friday struck down a state law requiring parental notification for girls under age 18 seeking abortions, agreeing with pro-abortion rights advocates that the mandate approved by voters in 2010 was unconstitutional.

Justice Daniel Winfree, writing for the majority, said the court was not deciding whether abortions should be available to minors without restrictions but that the abortion notification law violated Alaska’s constitutional equal protection provisions giving the same rights to all Alaskans.

In a concurring opinion, Justice Dana Fabe disagreed that the law violated the girls’ equal protection rights but said she believes it violated their right to privacy.

“I believe that the Alaska Constitution permits a parental notification law, but not one that contains provisions that are among the most restrictive of any state’s notification laws,” she wrote.

The measure passed by 55.05% to 43.94%. That is a higher percentage than Obama won either time, and we were told that Obama’s wins gave him a mandate. Regardless, let’s consider: abortionistas sued over keeping parents in the loop when their underage children wanted an abortion because of privacy and equal protection.

Yet, these same Leftists have no problem whatsoever in allowing males who are gender confused or are pretending to be gender confused into the shower, locker rooms, and bathrooms of underage girls, violating their privacy and equal protection rights.

I’m sure they have some tortured logic duckspeak for the contradictory opinions, but, they matter not, because things like privacy and equality are never the point: it’s about worshiping certain “idols” at all costs. You can bet that individual liberal parents would want to be notified, and that they would not want men in the showers with their kids. But, for Other People, abortion without restriction and gender confused in those areas with Other People’s daughters Should Be Allowed. That’s the way they roll. Who cares if this is bad for parents and females? They have an agenda!

The decision was praised by pro-abortion rights advocates, including the American Civil Liberties Union of Alaska and Planned Parenthood of the Great Northwest and the Hawaiian Islands, which challenged the law.

“A young woman seeking an abortion doesn’t need additional hurdles. She needs a doctor,” said Joshua Decker, executive director of Alaska’s ACLU, in a statement.

Which is funny, since abortionistas caterwaul and sue when any measures are passed that require abortion facilities to operate under the same medical standards as a medical facility. Heck, abortionistas would have a snit fit if abortion facilities were required to have the same medical standards as a tattoo parlor.

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