Alec Baldwin Reveals Liberal Energy Policy

Hollywood played a major role in Chairman Zero’s rise to power, tirelessly hyping him and raising massive amounts of money. It must delight Tinseltown royalty that with their man in power, they can now see their ideology applied. Among the most politically active actors is Alec Baldwin, who even had his own political talk show (although like all liberal radio programs that aren’t propped up by coercive funding, it failed miserably). The esteemed elitist enlightens us on energy policy and how best to pursue economic progress:

The goal of this country’s energy policy, long-term, should be to trigger a series of events that would lead to one clear measurement of our progress. That is the collapse of a major oil company. If a major oil company went out of business, we would be on the right track.

To us rubes in Jesusland, this might seem destructive, even infantile. But our betters know better.

Baldwin stands firm by the dog-eared notion that the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were all about oil (although there is no oil in Afghanistan), and therefore a waste of time. After all, we don’t really need oil when our economy would run just as well on pixie dust. But don’t take Baldwin for a pacifist:

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Putting a major oil company out of business. That’s a war worth fighting.

As a vicious left-wing thug whose intellectual development was arrested in grade school, Alec Baldwin typifies the Tinseltown left — as does equally rabid moonbat George Clooney, reported to be an unofficial advisor in constant contact with Obama.

Through Chairman Zero, people like this are running the country. No wonder our future has not been looking very rosy.

One of the demented children who make up our ruling class.

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