VIDEO: American Flag Becomes Unacceptable ‘Political Statement’ At Harvard

VIDEO: American Flag Becomes Unacceptable ‘Political Statement’ At Harvard

If you thought college kids could get any worse, or that this was an April Fools’ joke, then you were sadly mistaken. A precious little snowflake millennial child was upset when his roommate unpacked an American flag from his luggage. The sad baby said, with all their feelings erupting from their brain, that the American flag was not a statement they wanted to make. Oh poor child, let me hand you a tissue because you’re going to Harvard in the great country of America and you cannot handle the most symbolic reason why your sorry sensitive self is enrolled in an Ivy league school that thousands get denied from. Please take this tissue, covered in extra aloe for your soft skin nose and place it where an enema goes. I think the entire country is tired of hearing about these destructive leftist oversensitive nutcases.

flag is not good

From the Daily Wire:

“My friend, who’s a freshman, on the first day of college took out an American flag from his suitcase, and his roommate stopped him, saying that the presence of the flag on the wall was a political statement that he was unwilling to make,” said Huebner.

In another incident, a female student’s request to not be seated across from anyone opposing abortion was seemingly indulged by many classmates and the attending professor.

Megyn Kelly interviewed Rachel Huebner about the over-sensitivity ruining college campuses.

Welcome to the cupcake nation where soft treats are sprinkled with the most sensitive care. Better wear your fluffy grandma slippers kids, life is a rough road to trek on and I don’t want your little piggies to hurt too much.

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