And Now They Want To Occupy Christmas

That’s right, the Occupiers have yet another wonderful idea designed to tick people off

(The Spec) The yurts are barely dismantled and the tents only just rolled up, but there is already a new movement on the horizon – Occupy Christmas.

Canadian magazine Adbusters – which prompted the Occupy Wall Street camp and subsequent set-ups around North America, including Toronto’s St. James Park – has put out a call for another round of capitalism-disturbing.

This time, the target is the gift-giving season.

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“Christmas has been hijacked for us,” said Kalle Lasn, editor-in-chief at Adbusters, a non-profit, Vancouver-based alternative magazine. “It’s become this ugly, soulless, consumer-fest.”

On one hand, Lasn has a point. One he has been pushing for 20 years, with his “buy nothing” campaign, but, a point none-the-less. Consumerism has become too big for the Christmas season. But, that is the intent of the way in which these lefties are pushing their movement, to get people to say “hey, they do have a point.” Meanwhile, their solutions tend to be more government regulation and involvement.

Interestingly, it is those on the left who have attempted to take the point of the season out of it, namely, the Birth of Jesus Christ, the son of God. But, rather than saying “hey, we’re not going to participate (because we will be really mad if we don’t get the gifts we want)”, the Leftists want to ruin it for everyone else

The ideas for Occupy Christmas, which Lasn likens to “shenanigans,” include:

-a Santa sit-in, whereby protesters sit outside a store and encourage people to cut up their credit cards;

-a Jesus walk, where people put on a mask in the Holy Son’s likeness and walk through malls, to create an eerie sentiment;

-a “whirly mart,” in which would-be shoppers fill their carts with products but abandon them at the cash register.

“This movement is somewhat about angering people,” Lasn said.

Excellent! What a perfect way to get people on your side! Anger and annoy them.

It all starts with their Buy Nothing Day, which is today, Black Friday. I guess I’m an Occupier, because I’m not planning on getting near any retail store today. I never do. Of course, that’s my choice. I do not want to get up. Nor do I want to deal with the crowds. Anyhow

Adbusters created an #OCCUPYXMAS hashtag to mark the movement for those to follow and share online. As of Wednesday afternoon, more than 1,600 people had tweeted the page and some 20,000 had liked it on Facebook.

Is anyone else thinking that this is not going to end well? We’ve seen the insanity that has gone on with the OWS movement. What’ll happen when these nuts start coming in to retail stores and malls?

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