Another Nail In The Coffin Of Liberal Feminism

Q: So, what do you get when someone calls a female politician a whore?
A: A National Organization for Women endorsement.

That’s not a joke, it happened.

Last week, the National Organization for Women and the PAC of the California NOW chapter took heat for their endorsement of state Attorney General Jerry Brown (D) over Meg Whitman (R) in the gubernatorial race in the wake of comments by a Brown aide that Whitman was a “whore.” At the time, national NOW President Terry O’Neill said that anyone who “from here on” calls a woman a “whore” should be fired.

So, the Brown campaign was rewarded with an endorsement after calling Meg Whitman a whore, but if it happened again, then it should merit a firing? Maybe that’s the rule they used for sexual harassment with Bill Clinton. The first time, you support people who behave in a way you supposedly find reprehensible, but then you turn around and punish other people if it happens again? Maybe that starts to make sense if you have a seething hatred for men, but not so much to everyone else.

In any case, someone else did call Meg Whitman a whore and guess what? It turns out she was a member of NOW.

Bellasalma said that while calling Whitman a “whore” was a poor choice of words, the description was accurate. “The very troubling issue that is embedded in that call is what prompted the description of Meg as a ‘whore’ is basically that she sold out Californians for an endorsement and a $450,000 independent expenditure campaign,” she said. — California NOW President Parry Bellasalma

Viva la feminism!

So, there it is in a nutshell, folks. You have a group that claims to represent all women, yet it’s in favor of calling Republican women whores and it’s okay with powerful men having sex with their interns as long as they’re Democrats.

Gee, if only there were a women’s group out there that would be willing to stand up for women who don’t want to get down on their knees for liberalism. Oh wait, there is a group like that. Go Smart Girls.

Much thanks to my pal Megan Carpentier for pointing out this story to me.

Update #1: The Smart Girls have out a statement:

Smart Girl Politics calls on N.O.W. to live up to their own standards

Smart Girl Politics condemns all personal attacks against candidates. The slur that the Jerry Brown for Governor campaign associate used against opponent Meg Whitman was not only inappropriate, but hateful and demeaning. What strikes us the most is the hypocrisy surrounding this: A mere twenty-four hours AFTER this surfaced, the National Organization for Women endorsed Jerry Brown. N.O.W., which supposedly defends the rights of women nationwide, endorses this candidate, basically rewarding sexism.

And today we are learning that N.O.W.’s very own California representative, Patty Bellasalma, has likened Ms. Whitman to a “political whore.” This is the ultimate hypocrisy and shows they mean only to dehumanize any woman that thinks in opposition to them. Smart Girl Politics calls on N.O.W. and its president, Terry O’Neill, to live up to their own standards, such as they are, and condemn the words of Ms. Bellasalma and ask for her resignation. After all, Ms. O’Neill called on Mr. Brown “to fire any member of his staff who uses this word or any hate speech against women.” Not only should Terry O’Neill follow her own advice, but we also call on N.O.W. to apologize for not living up to their name and representing only the interests of the liberal agenda.

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