Antifa Professor Who Hates Cops Has Sex Fetish Exposed

Antifa Professor Who Hates Cops Has Sex Fetish Exposed

You remember Michael Isaacson, right? Half-man, half-giraffe? Said that he took pleasure in “teaching future dead cops?” He became infamous literally overnight after appearing on the Tucker Carlson Show on Fox News, condoning and promoting Antifa’s violent tactics.

At the time, he taught at John Jay College of Criminal Justice (the irony of which still cracks me up) and was just your average, anti-fascist professor who hated his students. You know the type?

Well, it turns out that his penchant for violence doesn’t stop in the streets. In fact, his feelings on authority are a mite hypocritical, considering it appears that he enjoys being tied up and abused by his partners.

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His FetLife account indicates that he is “pansexual,” “polyamorous” and is looking for someone to dominate him in the bedroom. I guess the only kinds of authority he respects are those with whips, chains and latex cat-suits.

As if the picture on the account didn’t do enough to identify him, his “about me” section reads as follows:

“I was just trying to be a normal-ass anarchist in PhD limbo but then I go myself a poly sub so here I am I guess. Now I’m stuck in this rabbit hole chasing better consent practices and unrealized kinks. My partner says I need a Domme. AMA.”

In September of 2017, Issacson got fired from his teaching position after it was discovered that he had issued a tweet celebrating the fact that he was teaching “future dead cops.”

Oh, but it gets better. He also has a list of fetishes that he’s interested in and curious about. This is not for the faint of heart, so be warned.

Now for a teacher who supposedly hates authority, rules (hence the anarchy) and the like, he sure identifies as being interested in a lot of fetishes that have very specific rules about them and involve one person generally exhibiting authority over the other.

Also, can we talk about “New Jersey Accents,” “seizing the means of production” and “black bloc sex parties”? None of those are actual kinks. They’re just creepy and fascistic things you like because you’re a weird little boy.

Now I’m not about to kink-shame anyone because as far as I’m concerned, what happens between consenting adults is none of my business. I just find it odd that he wants to “smash the system” and practice anarchy during the day, but at night his hatred of authority and people being in charge of him takes a complete 180.


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