Are You Ready For Government Run Radio?

We already have Government Run Motors, Government Run Student Loans, Government Run Healthcare, so, say, why not go for Government Run Radio? We can call it Air Deadbeat 2

The U.S. Corporation for Public Broadcasting launched a $10.5 million project on Thursday to increase regional reporting, filling a growing gap due to cutbacks in the news industry where profits have tumbled.

The nonprofit corporation created by Congress will provide $7.5 million from its current budget, with the rest provided by broadcast stations.

Seven “Local Journalism Centers” in different regions will band broadcast stations together to report on issues of particular interest to that area, such as health in Florida and manufacturing in the Upper Midwest.

Essentially, this is a specific, targeted way for the government to get seriously into the radio business. Unlike NPR, there will be no need to raise money, since this radio project, let’s call it Pravda or ObamaRadio, will simply use tax payer funds to create radio stations and programing that will be in direct competition with, yes, conservative radio, and will attempt to drive Conservative radio off the air. Because liberals/leftists/progressives really do hate the idea of free speech. Many of them may decry what Hugo Chavez is doing in Venezuala, but, given a chance to have Beck, Hannity, Rush, Boortz, Laura, et all driven off the air in the USA, they would generally support that notion.

Will it work? Highly doubtful. Face it, even hard core lefties would rather listen to Conservative radio. The numbers show it. Air America was a massive failure. Their ratings were a disaster. Lib talkers come and go, and most have few listeners. About the only one who somewhat survives is Alan Colmes, who has learned, surely through working with Sean Hannity, that entertainment comes first, politics second. Most lib talkers haven’t learned that, which is why the fail.

Lefties would rather be entertained, and get their mad on, listening to Conservatives on the radio. A chance to scream at the radio, covering it with spittle, is what they live for. A liberal is only happy when they are angry about something.

An adviser to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) wants to see an increase in government-funded journalism and is an advocate for a “public media” that could serve as a “filter” and a “megaphone” for a network of government-funded journalists competing with other, non-government-backed reporters.

In order to counter alternative media, an adviser to the Federal Communications Commission has suggested using your tax money – or rather money the government borrows from bankers and then expects your children to pay off – to create “public media” that will serve as a “filter” and a “megaphone” for a network of government-funded journalists competing with other, non-government-backed reporters, according to Matt Cover, writing for CNSNews.

The first excerpt if from CNS News. The second is from Prison Planet. It doesn’t say anything good about The Government’s plan when a hard core leftist site like Prison Planet is taking the same position as a conservative site like CNS News.

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