As COP17 Opens, Women May See Their Rights Erode From Climate Change

So, 20,000 politicians, bureaucrats, and actors took unnecessary fossil fueled flights to one of the furthest points on the map….sorry, I was going to try and tell a joke, but, the lead is the punchline. Anyhow

(The New Age) Climate change at face value may seem to have nothing to do with gender-based violence. But there are a few poignant points to think about, especially when considering the Zimbabwean scenario.

So, hot-cold-wet-dry-snow-no snow, it all causes women to be assaulted, all because 20,000 people took unnecessary fossil fueled plane rides for a climate vacation conference

More than three quarters of the female population live in communal farming areas where they constitute more than half of the farmers and provide 70% of the labour. Not only is the work of women farmers essential for food security, but most women are unpaid family workers.

Yeah? Welcome to the 3rd world sh*tholes, er, developing nations. If only there was a way to get them out of poverty.

For Zimbabwe, the past two decades have been characterised by extremes of weather. During this time, the country has gone through 10 droughts, resulting in less fresh water and destroyed biodiversity. In addition, our agricultural zones have now shifted. While some communities had to cope with a dry and sparse landscape, others have experienced the opposite as devastating floods persistently hit the lower Guruve.

See? You drove your SUV to the store, causing drought AND floods, which never happened before 1980.

Climate change worsens the situation for those living in poverty, creating a vicious cycle. Disasters due to climate change can take away people’s basic needs for survival and their dignity, as well as undermine any progress made in reducing poverty.

Wow, dignity? Those of you who drove your cars to work today should be put in jail. How dare you cause weather to happen?

Given that the majority of Zimbabwean women live in rural areas and make up the bulk of the labour force in the agricultural sector, there is going to be increasing feminisation of poverty. There is going to be a serious loss of livelihood to these women, all blamed on what is legally termed acts of nature.

Women will have to travel longer distances to fetch water, face greater challenges in terms of sanitation needs and bathing, for instance, thus becoming vulnerable to rape. Youths too and young girls are not going to be spared this ordeal. School-going girls are going to experience challenges in their education, possibly missing classes as they spend more time fetching water, or working in exchange for food.

This actually sounds much like the Occupy movements. They live in squalor, rarely bathe, have sanitation needs, and have been sexually assaulted and raped. But, moving on, the Warmists always amuse me, because they have this notion that there were no droughts, no floods, and perfect, homogenous weather prior to (insert date cited here), and it is going to get worse 50-100 years from now (which cannot be proven, and will have been forgotten about). They are truly climate flat earthers.

You know what is the biggest danger to women? Progressivism. Put women in the company of male Progressives, and they are sexually harassed, sexually assaulted, and raped. Progressives has this knee jerk faith in multiculturalism, which leads to tolerance of notions such as Sharia law (which treats women as second class citizens, allows them to be raped and beaten, among others) and honor killings. In today’s “feminist” world as pushed by Lefties, women are more violent, fight more, and end up in jail more. The Lefty ideals are bad for women.

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