AWESOME Video Of Cars Plowing Through Protesters Trying To Block The Road

AWESOME Video Of Cars Plowing Through Protesters Trying To Block The Road

There is a long-standing rule… don’t go out in the street and stand there if you don’t intend to get hit. Liberals seem to have missed the memo. The video below is a compilation of stupidity and the eventual result thereof. Many of the protesters got hit by cars… some got run over… a few died. Looking for sympathy here. Nope, fresh out. If you are dumb enough to face off with cars, then you get exactly what you asked for… squished.

These liberal protesters must think they are superhuman and beyond dying. Wrong. I don’t know why the craze of standing out in traffic is so hot out there. I fail to see what point it proves other than you are a moron. It does however, put innocent lives at risk. No, not the asshats in the street; those trying to get to the hospital or some other emergency. But do these jerks care? Nope… they are making a statement. One that I doubt many of them can articulate with any clarity. Brain cells are definitely not required for playing chicken with cars.


From The Daily Caller:

Here’s a compilation of liberal protesters getting pushed out of the way by cars and trucks. Study the technique; it may prove useful in the next four years.

None of these clips are new, but that doesn’t mean they’re not still fresh.

In fact, you’d be a fool not to plow through some of these crowds. They beat on your car and if they get a chance, they’ll drag you from the vehicle where they can batter you and possibly kill you. It’s survival. You do not stop for protesters. Not if you have any sense whatsoever.

Some of the images show these thugs crawling up on vehicles and jumping up and down. I’ve seen them take bats to windshields, terrifying whoever is behind the wheel. In a number of these cities like Baltimore and Chicago, stopping at all is a good way to end your existence. I think the video is awesome as it shows drivers plowing through protesters who were just asking for it. It’s education and entertainment in action.

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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