Believe In States’ Rights? You’re A Racist

No, really, says the Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Barbara Arnwine, and Janice L. Mathis: States’ Rights Redux: Voting Rights Act + 46

States’ rights is code for discrimination.

Isn’t it great how they can read the minds of everyone who believes in the Constitutional provision which provided States with power against the potential tyranny from the federal government?

A century and a half ago, some states asserted the right to leave the union. We fought the nation’s bloodiest conflict, then admitted the traitors back into the country on generous terms. Though our Confederate brothers and sisters died defending the enslavement of African-Americans, we did this in the name of peace and forgiveness.

Oh, you mean those Democrats who did that?

Fast forward, to the 1960’s, all Americans were free from legalized slavery – but blacks were still routinely denied the ballot. Some states blocked access to the ballot with the same ferocity, and on the same grounds, that they stood in schoolhouse doors with ax handles – states’ rights. Denial of the ballot was based on the right of states to control all election procedures.

I agree, those Democrats were bad people for doing that. Funny, though, how Democrats, who always say that they are the smartest people in the room and can see shades of gray, take a black and white position (no pun intended) on this subject, and fail to see that using the 10th Amendment incorrectly doesn’t diminish the whole thing.

But radical conservatives, frightened by the country’s demographics and the potential long-term voter realignment, and also emboldened by a federal judiciary that puts “federalism” limits on Congress’ enforcement powers, are now raising the terrible visages of voter suppression and states’ rights once again.

You know why? Because some may require *gasp* ID to prove identity when voting. So, obviously, those states that are passing/pushing laws which require people to prove who they are when performing one of their most sacred duties is intentionally raaaaacist, as evil conservatives attempt to disenfranchise minorities. Well, we are trying to disenfranchise dead people, who may be minorities. And dogs and cats, who may be owned by a minority. And Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Jesus II, Bart Simpson, Family Guy, King Kong, Doodad Pro, and Good Will, among others, will be disenfranchised.

But, any of you who believe in ALL the Amendments are raaaaacists. Period.

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