BREAKING: Congress Introducing Bill That We’ve All Been Waiting For…

BREAKING: Congress Introducing Bill That We’ve All Been Waiting For…

Democrats and their beloved Obamacare, they stand by it and are swearing they will do whatever it takes to ensure that it does not get repealed once Trump enters the White House.


Their dedication to this failed healthcare act must have caused quite a scene when they learned that a repeal of Obama’s so-called ‘legacy’ Obamacare was being added to a bill that is filibuster PROOF!

That’s right, it cannot be filibustered.

There’s a 2017 budget resolution that Mitch McConnell has promised he would act on and in that doc you will find language that is to repeal Obamacare. Reportedly, Senate leaders say that the budget will come up for a vote by the end of this week, however currently, it seems the opportunity is unlikely.

It is to be brought to the floor of the Senate however by next week, soon after the amendments are voted on.

Democrats have a problem with that because from their standpoint the budget resolutions are treated differently from all other bills. At least that is when it comes to Senate rules. Budget reconciliation instructions will be included in the budget which will be used as a procedural tool that makes room for a budget to be voted upon with a simple majority.

This is what would make it filibuster-proof and make way for it to pass to the House of Representatives.

Of course, this is most likely going to leave the members of the Obama administration ready to implode then explode, but they shouldn’t be surprised…I mean, exactly what did they expect to happen?

Obamacare not only sucks, it is the BANE to the existence of many Americans!

This so-called Affordable Care Act has nothing to do with being affordable, not even in the least bit.

Now let’s just hope that the Republicans in Congress and the new resident moving into the White House this month stick it to them…

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