BREAKING: Court Releases MASSIVE Ruling On Fracking – Prepare For NEW Gas Prices…

BREAKING: Court Releases MASSIVE Ruling On Fracking – Prepare For NEW Gas Prices…

The Colorado Supreme Court recently ruled that many bans on fracking in various cities in the state, contradicted existing state laws and were therefore invalid.


From the Conservative Tribune:

This ruling predictably pleased many energy companies, but has sent liberals crying about how the whole system was rigged and the other things they usually scream when they don’t get their way.

Liberals have been campaigning for a long time against fracking, a technique that allows energy companies to extract oil and natural gas from deep within the earth. Fracking has been largely responsible for America’s increased energy independence in recent years.

“(The ruling is) not just a win for the energy industry but for the people of Colorado who rely on affordable and dependable energy and a strong economy,” explained Dan Haley, president and CEO of the Colorado Oil & Gas Association, according to The Washington Times.

“It sends a strong message to anyone trying to drive this vital industry out of the state that those efforts will not be tolerated at any level,” he stated.

Liberals had a slightly different message, claiming that this ruling undermined democracy by preventing the people from having a voice in what happens where they live.

“Today’s decision deals a devastating blow not just to Longmont residents, but to all Coloradans who have been stripped of a democratic process that should allow us the right to protect our health, safety and property from the impacts of this dangerous industrial activity,” stated Food & Water Watch Rocky Mountain region director Lauren Petrie.

That’s too bad liberals. You didn’t get the opportunity to take jobs away this time. Keep on crying about it.

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