BREAKING: Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Wins Re-Election in Squeaker

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is declaring victory in an election that was uncomfortably close.

Netanyahu is already declaring victory according to reporter Phil Elliot…

Netanyahu faced an insurgent left-wing party, likely because of his hard line against both Iran and President Obama’s horribly failed foreign policy.

This is the first time the Israeli left came so close to coming back to full power in this post 9/11 world.

Of course, Netanyahu’s Likud Party isn’t in such a strong position that it can control the whole government and seeing as how Israel is a Parliamentary system Netanyahu and Likud will now have to arrange a governing agreement with some of the lesser, left-wing parties.

But the fact that Bibi pulled this out at the last second is also telling. Israel is not ready to hand leftists full power.

Exit polling shows Likud up a bit or at least even with 27 seats apiece. We’ll know better in the next few hours.

Regardless, keeping Netanyahu as PM is good news for conservatives and the world. It is also a stick in Obama’s eye… another good thing!


I should have added this (and I alluded to it in my last line above) but an alternate title for a Netanyahu win is “Bibi Wins, Obama Hardest Hit.”

I say that because Obama and his team actively worked against Netanyahu in the Israeli elections. Members of Obama’s team actually went to Israel to work for Netanyahu’s opponents. So a Bibi win really is a stick in Obama’s eye.

**UPDATE No. 2**

Well, it wasn’t a “squeaker” after all. In Israeli election terms, with Netanyahu’s Likud Party ending up with 30 seats, that is considered a “landslide” election. All the polling and media were wrong in Israel reporting (hoping for, more likely) a bigger win by the left-wing party. So, this is even a BIGGER kick in Obama’s pants!

Warner Todd Huston

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