BREAKING SHOCK VIDEO: CNN Slaps Down Liberal Intolerance And Close-Mindedness

BREAKING SHOCK VIDEO: CNN Slaps Down Liberal Intolerance And Close-Mindedness

Wow. Who would have thought this glimmer of intellectual honesty would come from Zakaria? I don’t have to agree with him in everything (or most things), but, except for his fallacious allegation of conservative’s ”anti-intellectualism on the right” and ”denial of facts, of reason, of science,” he’s spot-on this time.

First, let’s talk about what he got WRONG.

He stated that conservatives are the minority. I disagree. It may seem that way, but it’s because conservatives don’t normally take to the streets and act the fool like liberals do. We’re not a besieged minority… We’re a bullied into silence majority and the cost of that to society has yet to be measured. For the discerning, the loud mouth, bellicose and perpetually bullying minority looks more bankrupt, and frankly, stupid every day…though hidden now, their bowels are still wrapped firmly around their neck as a name tag. But..hey that’s just my opinion.

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He also states:

“There is, as we all know, a kind of anti-intellectualism on the right these days. Denial of facts, of reason, of science.”

Sorry, but that doesn’t fly at all either! If the left had some semblance of intellectualism, they wouldn’t fear the facts, the reasoning, the science of the right…their politically correct little lives mandate that all forms of reason, logic and facts be disallowed to make way for their communist/marxist/progressive beliefs…and their selfishness.

Now, check out what he said and see for yourself what you think he got right. There are some saying that this is a push for CNN to grab all the Fox viewers ditching FOX…others believe that this CNN dude is being sincere. What do you think? Check it out…

My experience is that you cannot talk to a Liberal once they know you are not a Liberal. Period. Idea exchange is key, but it never happens with Liberal idiots because they will not engage and if they do engage, it is defensive and never about the issues. If you could actually get a Liberal to defend or even discuss their ideas intelligently, well…then they wouldn’t be called liberals anymore. We’d call them humans.

We all deserve to be heard. But we will not solve problems unless there is a shared responsibility for the outcome…which liberals/progressives never address. We need to talk about that….not personalities. Leave the name calling and the interruptions at the door and we can get somewhere.

Know what I’m saying?

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