‘Calexit’ Gaining Steam

‘Calexit’ Gaining Steam

The Brexit decision rocked not only Europe, but much of the world. After the United Kingdom chose to leave the European Union, other countries began to consider doing the same. Now, even liberals — who by and large slammed the Brexit decision — have started considering creating a Brexit of their own. They want California to secede from the union and that effort is gaining steam.


Recent surveys show that up to one-third of Californians support a peaceful Calexit — separating from the United States and becoming their own independent nation. This equals almost 13 million people, so it’s clearly something that is becoming more popular.

According to Maegan Carberry, who wrote about Calexit for Salon, all the liberals may need for it to be successful is for the Trump presidency to continue. “It may be logistically implausible now,” she wrote. “However, if four or eight years of Trump continues to jettison California values from the mainstream and represent long-term irreconcilable differences for blue and red American states, secession could be a reality in our lifetime. We wouldn’t be the first nation to revisit unresolved issues from a civil war.”

California is one of the most liberal states in the union, although that’s largely due to liberal enclaves like San Francisco and Los Angeles. And Calexit, Carberry argues, could allow their progressive “values” to flourish.

“Californians could expect to initiate advanced-level progress in racial justice that might dramatically alter the state’s concentrations of power,” she said. “Factions of privileged hippies and tech libertarians would likely spar with anti-colonialists and both groups would take on the Central California farmers. The use of natural resources would disrupt the transportation and agrarian infrastructures. International trade with the United States and countries around the world could be renegotiated. Secession might even force Trump to build a wall all the way to Canada if he doesn’t want any bad hombres sneaking in through Las Vegas.”

An independent California, she claims, could be a beacon for the world of how great liberalism is. But, as Carberry points out herself, there’s the pesky problem of resources. Realistically, a liberal utopia would last a few short years before collapsing on itself. A California professor Carberry interviewed agreed that Calexit would be “unwise.”

Do you think California should secede?

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