Canadian Government Facilitates Heroin Addiction

Going for the jugular: tax dollars at work.

If not for Big Government’s warm and comforting arms, tail-spinning losers wouldn’t be able to commit slow suicide with heroin in bureaucrat-approved safety, like they can at Vancouver’s “safe injection site” Insite:

There, addicts get clean needles, which they are not allowed to share with anyone else.

In return, they are safe from robbery, which is common on the streets outside, and from arrest. Insite has a special exemption from Canada’s narcotics laws.

They also know that if they overdose, they won’t die. In Insite’s seven years of operation, there have been more than 1,000 overdoses inside, but not a single death. (Mild overdoses are treated with oxygen, serious ones with Narcan, an opiate blocker.)

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Also, the staff nurses give medical care: They drain and bandage abscesses from dirty needles, hand out condoms, offer gynecological exams and treatment for sexual diseases, refer addicts to treatment and offer AIDS tests.

The nurses also help them find veins to inject poison into. Addicts do have to push the plungers themselves, although it is asking a lot of them.

Cost to junkie lowlifes: nothing. As always, decent people who lead responsible lives pick up the tab for subsidizing degeneracy in places like Insite’s Downtown Eastside neighborhood:

Even on a balmy fall afternoon, having 5,000 addicts concentrated in a small neighborhood can make a walk feel like a visit to the set of a zombie movie. On its core blocks, dozens of people are shuffling or staggering, flinching with cocaine tics, scratching scabs. Except for the young women dressed to lure customers for sex, many are in dirt-streaked clothing that hangs from their emaciated frames. Drugs and cash are openly exchanged.

The alleys are worse — people squat to suck on crack pipes, openly undress to find veins or lie down so friends can inject their jugulars — a practice, known as “jugging,” that Insite discourages [but not very forcefully, judging by the picture above]. The puddles, smelling of urine and feces, are sometimes drawn up into syringes…

Welcome to the North America of our glorious socialist future. This is what progressivism is progressing toward: a world in which no one would ever vote for conservatives.

For now the grownups are still around, trying to spoil the fun. But liberal social engineers control the courts just as they do here:

Insite opened when the Liberal Party was in power. The Conservative-led government that came to power in 2006 has sued to shut it. Local courts have refused to close it, accepting the city’s argument that an addict’s need for opiates is like a diabetic’s for insulin and that a citizen’s right to health — recognized in Canada’s version of the Bill of Rights — outweighs narcotics law.

Under the rule of moonbats, property is not a human right. Freedom of speech and self-defense are not human rights. Forcing someone else to pay for your medical care while you inject narcotics into your jugular vein — now that’s a human right.

On a tip from Ianto. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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