CHEWBACCA MOM Gets Scholarships – LIBERALS Outraged And Saying THIS…

CHEWBACCA MOM Gets Scholarships – LIBERALS Outraged And Saying THIS…

For those who don’t speak angry liberal, I’ll translate: “white privilege” means whenever a white person receives a bit of good luck or otherwise works hard to achieve something. A woman’s silly video went viral and as a result of the popular video, she received tons of goodies including some scholarships to a Christian college. Naturally, the joyless left is not happy with this. Why? Because she’s white.


From Young Conservatives:

Whenever someone starts to get blessed in any way, shape, or form, particularly if that someone is a little on the lighter side when it comes to skin color, liberals immediately foam at the mouth, throw themselves to the floor, and start screaming about “white privilege.”

Which is exactly what’s happening with “Chewbacca Mom,” the woman who had a video go viral after putting on a Chewie mask and laughing hysterically. I don’t get it either, you’re not alone.

Ever since the video went viral, she’s received over $420,000 in gifts, including scholarships for her family to a Christian college, which immediately sent the loony left into a full on mental meltdown.

Check it out.

From TheBlaze:

Texas mom Candace Payne became an internet sensation last month after she posted a hilarious Facebook live-stream video of herself trying on a Chewbacca mask in a Kohl’s parking lot.

Since Payne’s May 19 post, the video has received 155 million views and more than 3 million shares, making it the most-watched Facebook live-stream ever. And it’s paying off big time.

Payne, better known as “Chewbacca Mom,” has received gifts valued at $420,000, according to KCBS-TV. The nearly half-million dollar sum includes money for travel to appear on talk shows, a vacation at Walt Disney World and Kohl’s merchandise.

But the most extravagant gift awarded to Payne so far comes from Southeastern University in Florida. The private Christian liberal arts college presented Payne and her whole family with full tuition scholarships.

And here comes the left-wing crybabies to whine about how life’s not fair….

And just in case their envy wasn’t enough to make you vomit, here’s a little more.

Branstetter’s piece, “What Chewbacca Mom’s Rise to Fame Tells Us About Race in This Country,” which was cross-posted on MSN, is an argument for why Payne’s sudden rise to internet fame can only be explained by one thing: white privilege.

From the article:

It’s true, free tuition is an oversized prize for such easily begotten fame. It’s also true that the real rewards typically reaped for online success tend to heavily favor insta-celebrities who are white. Content derived from black users of Twitter, Vine, or Snapchat is often sidelined as part of a monolithic Black Twitter.

Look, I’ll be the first to admit that it seems ridiculous to get scholarships from a viral video, but hey, the school chose to bless her with it. She didn’t ask for it, nor did she post the video expecting it to go viral.

It just so happened God smiled down on her in a really big way.

Most of the morons boohooing about white privilege are just angry that they haven’t had all of their hopes and dreams handed to them and just can’t stand to see someone else get blessed in such a way.

Rather than worry about themselves, work hard, and make something of themselves, they look for something to blame for their own failures and shortcomings. Like race.

I don’t quite “get” the video and it seems kind of silly.

Still, she was gifted things and because of her race, people are angry. How is that not the very definition of racism?

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