Climate Morons To March On D.C. On April 18th, Confront “Climate Criminals”

Obviously, they will provide these climate criminals with ideas on how to control our 4.5 billion year old climate

From April 15th through the 18th, thousands of students and youth will be attending Powershift 2011. This conference has been billed as another opportunity to do something about climate change. Throughout the conference, Democratic politicians from Al Gore to Lisa Jackson will tell us the solution is to lobby, vote and work within the corporate-owned political system to stop climate change. They will tell us that supporting the existing leadership’s policies and the creation of carbon markets will stem the rising tide of carbon emissions slowly destroying our planet. (snip)

The facts speak for themselves, the same politicians and corporations that got us into the climate crisis WILL NOT be the ones to get us out of it.

It’s time to change the system, not the climate!

On April 18th, at the end of the Powershift rally in Lafayette Park, we, the North American movements for climate justice, will march to the offices of D.C.’s climate criminals and the politicians that love them to confront them with creative direct action.

Our Reclaim Power! march will take space and disrupt business as usual for the fossil fuel infrastructure.

A couple thoughts:

  1. Powershift 2011 is bringing over 10,000 “young leaders” to D.C. …… so, they are taking unnecessary fossil fueled travel methods?
  2. So, the head of the EPA, Lisa Jackson, will be a part of a demonstration that interferes with legal private commerce on private property?
  3. How are many of the speakers, such as Al Gore, getting to D.C.? Fossil fueled travel?


We want to generate a sense of excitement, we want our actions to resonate throughout the climate movements, and the way to do that is through countless individuals, groups and movements declaring their intention to take part.

So, climate morons aren’t excited now? They have to be told to get excited?

It is time to say enough! No more business as usual, no more false solutions!

Well, I’m glad they offered up some ideas on how to solve the “climate crisis” with ….. what’s that? They didn’t offer any solutions? Just whined as liberals love to do? This is being sponsored by Rising Tide North America, a “grassroots” organizations that has interfered unlawfully with legal commerce many times. But, they just want “climate justice.” They aren’t sure how, but, they love to demonstrate.

BTW, the climate talks in exotic Bangkok look to be failing, but, the food and scenery have been wonderful!

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