Coffee Parties Don’t Die; They Just Fade Away

Back in March, it was highly amusing to see the same mainstream media that heaped scorn on the Tea Parties celebrating a brand new liberal movement that would soon dwarf the Tea Party: The Coffee Party!

Here’s some of what I wrote back then:

Incidentally, there are articles about the “Coffee Party Movement” showing up all over the place. The NYT, the Washington Post, the Seattle Times, The Guardian — and it goes on and on and on.

Know what it reminds me of? The tidal wave of positive press Air America received from the MSM when they debuted. There were lots of successful conservative talk show hosts, but when Air America arrived on the scene, suddenly liberal reporters got interested — not in the successful, thriving conservative talk shows, but in the 3rd rate knock-off liberal version. Of course, in the end, all that great publicity didn’t save them from bankruptcy. Moreover, if Air America is 3rd rate, the Coffee Party is about 8th rate. They’ve got 40,000 fans on Facebook? Wow, that’s really impressive considering the size of some of the other groups out there. For example, the “I Dont care How Comfortable Crocs Are, You Look Like A [email protected]” group currently has 1,343,653 fans.

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If anything, that undersells the amount of attention and hype the Coffee Party got from the press. As Newsbusters noted,

Steve Tuttle of Newsweek! Are you out there? Front and center so we can refresh your memory with the absurd report you filed in April about the “200,000” members of the “dynamic” Coffee Party.

Oh yeah, it’s a dynamic organization all right. You can tell that by the teeming masses at its first national convention:

The Coffee Party USA – which was founded on Facebook and is holding its first national convention in Louisville this weekend – bills itself as a more thoughtful and reasoned alternative to the tea party.

Saturday night the organization held a panel discussion, part of its three-day “Restoring American Democracy” convention, that included bloggers, college professors and communications strategists talking about what they can do to make politics more inclusive. They also discussed how to draw more disenfranchised voters back into the democratic process.

The discussion before about 350 people at the Galt House touched on policy, politics and values and how to bridge the partisan divide.

…The convention ends Sunday, and Byler said that members, who hail from 40 states and at least five foreign countries, will begin working on getting people out to vote when they return home.

Wow, they had to reach out to people from 40 states and five foreign countries to get 350 people involved? Granted, that’s roughly the same number of people who were at the last official Tea Party I attended. Course, that was in Myrtle Beach, SC, which isn’t a particularly populous part of the country.

Well, even though the Coffee Party may be a barely breathing flop, it did at least revolutionize rap music with Jonny 5’s super hawt, politically conscious rhymes, that are one part 50 Cent, one part Rage against the Machine, and one part your 5 year brother squeezing out the Barney theme song under his armpits.

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