College Fight Club for Peace-Loving Moonbats

College Fight Club for Peace-Loving Moonbats

Ever so inclusive, these peace-loving moonbats:

The “Knights for Socialism” group at the University of Central Florida (UCF) held a workshop Sunday to teach left-wing students how to “BASH THE FASH” with a “Leftist Fight Club” open to everyone but Republicans. …

The description explains that a local amateur boxer was on hand to teach basic hand-to-hand combat techniques at the self-defense clinic, in order to help the socialist students better protect themselves from potential hate crimes performed by those sympathetic to “Donald Trump and other Alt-Right Neo-Nazis.”

These techniques had better be effective against hate hoaxes and imaginary microaggressions, which are the only threats actually faced by snowflakes — unless you count the threat posed by ideas that challenge their defective ideology.

“Ladies: The Commander in thief is a sexual predator and rapist,” the description warns. “He has normalised sexual assault and it is expected that sexual violence against women is going to skyrocket in the next 12 months.”

You would think real life sexual predator Bill Clinton was back in office.

Scott Benton, a UCF College Republican, told Campus Reform that he considers the impulse toward violence to be a natural consequence of the intellectual indefensibility of leftists beliefs, saying, “If you can’t hang with someone on a debate stage, then you resort to other means to try and justify your cause.”

This was graphically displayed last week in Berkeley.

How delusional snowflakes like to imagine themselves.

On tips from Sterling B, J, Sean C, Stormfax, and Artfldgr. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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