Congress Moves to Impose Homosexual Brainwashing of Children

Situating a perverted creep like Kevin Jennings as the “Safe Schools Czar” is only the first step in bringing Hopey Change to primary education. Next, our liberal rulers need to pass the proper legislation to support the indoctrination of small children with homosexual propaganda. This legislation is known as HR 4530.

The ostensible purpose is to prevent “discrimination” against homosexual children. Since most children are too young to be homosexual, the real objective must be something else — namely:

The purpose of this bill is not what is being stated, but is quite simply to mandate in public schools one acceptable viewpoint on the issue of homosexuality, using purported violence or harassment as the rationale, and the power of the feds as the hammer. … In summary, this is an attempt to promote sexual deviance and its expression and silence those who want to protect children from such corruption.

As with everything coming out of Washington lately, another goal is to weaken federalism and consolidate increasingly intrusive centralized power.

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Federal governmental intrusion and sweeping new unregulated powers in what are local and state matters are proposed in this bill. Enforcement will primarily be through federal agencies, which will craft new regulations to back up this bill’s provisions with the President’s approval.

But the main point of the bill is to facilitate the brainwashing of small children with the progressive kakistocracy’s depraved sexual agenda, suppressing any speech deemed unsupportive of homosexual deviancy. As Jim Hoft puts it:

In other words, if you oppose radical sexual material detailing sex between first graders or promoting S&M but the Safe Schools Czar or some other official believes it is appropriate — tough. If you disagree with books romanticizing child rape or books with pictures of men having sex — tough. If you oppose weekend student-teacher seminars with fisting lectures and gay bar guides — tough. If government officials want to promote this in your child’s classroom then you’ll just have to get used to it.

Jennings is loving Hopey Change. Compliments of Ruth P.

On a tip from J. Cross-posted at Moonbattery.

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