Daily Kos & Research 2000: A Marriage Made In Bias Heaven

So, these two self-absorbed, narcissistic “in crowd” people hook up, get married and together, they have a smugly satisfying good run. People looking from the outside thought, honey, I don’t think he’s what he’s advertising. But you know what they say about love….

And then, shock! He’s a creep. Everyone else saw it, well, those who weren’t sycophantic hangers on saw it. Too late. The snotty brat who married the total doofus got hers. They’re both brought low by their nefarious deeds. No one cries for them.

Oh right…this is metaphorical. The “taken” woman is Markos Moulitas and she’s scorned and Not Happy Dammit! And rightly so, from Kos himself:

People who have been trusting the R2K reports should know about these extreme anomalies. We do not know exactly how the weekly R2K results were created, but we are confident they could not accurately describe random polls.

We thank J. M. Robins and J. I. Marden for expert advice on some technical issues and Markos Moulitsas for his gracious assistance under very trying circumstances. Calculations were done in Matlab, except for calculations of very low probabilities, which used an online tool.

Postscript: Del Ali, the head of R2K, was contacted by Markos concerning some of these anomalies on 6/14/2010. Ali responded promptly but at the time of this writing has not yet provided either any explanations or any raw data. We sent a draft of this paper to him very early on 6/28/2010, with an urgent request for explanations or factual corrections. Ali sent a prompt response but, as yet, no information.

No thinking people took these polls seriously, but the left sure did (and the crazy pants blogger who shant be named).

So the wife wants to sue for fraud. “What a ditz,” says Don Surber. Snort.

Yeah, well. I don’t feel too bad for him. This was the guy who used the polls to frame all conservatives as birthers.

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