Dalai Lama Wallows in Moonbat Hypocrisy

The Dalai Lama has come to the world’s financial capital to enlighten capitalists with the sanctimonious moonbattery he peddles so effectively.

The Dalai Lama on Thursday declared that he is still a Marxist in spirit who condemns capitalism as a system whose main goal is “how to make profit.”

Profits are made by creating wealth. The absence of wealth is poverty. Poverty is exploited by leftists to increase their coercive power over others. Therefore, moonbats believe that profits are bad — except when they’re the ones making them:

The 74-year-old Nobel Peace Prize winner [of course] spoke minutes before his afternoon teaching session at Radio City Music Hall on the stage that hosts the dancing Rockettes every Christmas.

Tickets for each of six such sessions — two a day starting Thursday morning — sold for $20 to $60 apiece. But several Internet sites were reselling them at prices nearing $700.

Just as profits are bad for us but good for the Dalai Lama and his “organizers,” Marxism is good for us but bad for him.

Marxism has “the only economy system expressing concern of equal distribution (of wealth); that is moral ethics,” the Tibetan Buddhist leader told a news conference at the start of a four-day New York visit. …

But in practice, he added, Marxism as applied by authoritarian governments, such as China’s, is oppressive, because it lacks an independent judiciary, a free press and human rights for his fellow Buddhists in Chinese-governed Tibet.

That is, Marxism isn’t as fun when a communist regime has its boot on your throat (as the Obamination Administration would put it). How communism could possibly be imposed while preserving any meaningful human rights whatsoever was once again left unexplained.

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