Dear Liberals – being white doesn’t make you a terrorist

Dear Liberals – being white doesn’t make you a terrorist

What happens when a white guy loses his marbles and goes on a shooting spree for no reason, no political motive, and no religious purpose? That’s called being a crazy lunatic. However, stupid liberals continue to politicize the Kalamazoo killer a “white terrorist” but like usual – the liberals are wrong.

kalamazoo killer is not terrorist

Please refer to facts one and two. Terrorism requires a political/ideological goal by definition. Terrorism is the coercing means to that end.

“Being white” does not qualify.

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Was the murder spree terrible and terrorizing? Yes, but by definition it is not considered terrorism. If the killer shouted religious words or said “this is because Uber doesn’t pay me enough” then perhaps it would be defined as terrorism.

Bad day? Yes.

Terrorism? No.

Liberals stupid? Always. Proof is below.

white is not terrorism

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