Death Threats to Wisconsin Governor

via: the Blaze and Gateway Pundit:

A week that will go down in liberal Democratic big union thugocracy record books and now…..death threats:

So many Wisconsin whiny schoolteachers called in “sick” that classes had to be closed all over the state, doctors set up concession stands at the Saturday rally to hand out fraudulent “sick passes” so that teachers can get sick pay and not get fired, the paycuts being asked by the governor of Wisconsin are miniscule and fair, the teachers carried signs with obscenities and pictures of Hitler on them, and union goons vandalized the tea party public address equipment and assaulted tea party members. And now this….

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Unless they are restricted,:  Twitter feeds are public with no expectation of privacy…so your identities are being sent far and wide to the cyberworld and hopefully to the cops and district attorney in Wisconsin. Hope to see you soon in the police blotters!

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