Elizabeth Warren Calls For BAN On Menthol Cigarettes – They Are Racist Against Black People

Elizabeth Warren Calls For BAN On Menthol Cigarettes – They Are Racist Against Black People

As the national conversation about racism continues to rage, Democrats continue to do all they can to exploit the crisis. But Elizabeth Warren’s latest charge has a lot of people giving her some major side-eye. According to Warren, menthol cigarettes must be banned… because they’re racist.

Massachusetts Sen. Edward Markey, Rhode Island Sens. Jack Reed and Sheldon Whitehouse, and Connecticut Sen. Richard Blumenthal all joined Warren in calling for menthol cigarettes to be banned in a letter to the Food and Drug Administration.

The letter argued that African-Americans have the highest mortality rate of all ethnic groups, due in large part to smoking-related diseases. Menthol cigarettes, they say, poses a greater risk than other cigarettes. The senators cited a 2011 study which found that “menthol cigarettes pose a public health risk above that seen with non-menthol cigarettes.”

So how is this racist?

“The tobacco industry has a long history of targeting menthol cigarettes to African-Americans and in particular African American youth through strategic marketing and promotional materials,” the letter read. “These actions have resulted in significant health disparities in communities of color, with African Americans suffering the greatest burden of tobacco-related mortality of any ethnic or racial group in the United States.”

The letter also pointed out that the Tobacco Control Act did not ban menthol from cigarettes — but it did require the Tobacco Products Scientific Advisory Committee to review the scientific literature on menthol cigarettes and report back to the FDA. The 2011 report concluded that “removal of menthol from cigarettes would benefit public health.” “However, no action has been taken since this time,” the letter complains, “despite clear data showing removal of menthol cigarettes from the market would benefit public health, especially with regards to youth.” The letter claims that hundreds of thousands of deaths would be prevented by removing menthol from cigarettes. “We urge FDA to use its authority to expediently remove menthol as a flavor additive,” the letter concludes.

Do you think menthol should be removed from cigarettes?

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