ESPN host: What Rubio did at 8 years old should ‘automatically disqualify’ him as president

ESPN host: What Rubio did at 8 years old should ‘automatically disqualify’ him as president

Hillary should have to run for President from jail after flagrantly breaking the law on her emails, but liberals are fine with that. On the other hand, liberals like Tony Kornheiser think Marco Rubio should be disqualified from the presidency because of this.


On his radio show Tuesday on ESPN, former Washington Post sports columnist and occasional political pundit Tony Kornheiser used a Father’s Day tribute Rubio wrote for The Daily Caller in 2014 to attack the Florida Republican’s fitness for the Oval Office.

In the tribute, Rubio recounted a sweet story of how he needed to wear leg braces as a child but didn’t want to put them on. His father, knowing young Marco was a huge Miami Dolphins fan, would call him pretending to be Dolphins Coach Don Shula and convince him to put the braces on “if you want to play for me someday.”

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To a normal person, it’s a touching tale of fatherhood. To a Washington lib, using the mouthpiece of a sports-centered network, it’s another line of attack against an up-and-coming-Republican.

“You have cognition at 8-10 and if you’re the biggest Dolphins fan in the world I guarantee you you’re watching the postgame and you’ve heard Don Shula,” Kornheiser said. “What I’m saying is, this to me automatically disqualifies Marco Rubio from being president.”

Wow, what a jackass.

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