FINALLY Some Sense! Internet ‘Satirist’ RANTS About Why Americans HATE Liberalism [VIDEO]

FINALLY Some Sense! Internet ‘Satirist’ RANTS About Why Americans HATE Liberalism [VIDEO]

This. Is. Freaking. AWESOME! And it’s a Liberal Brit for Pete’s sake!! My husband recommended this video and it is spot on. Jonathan Pie is a foul-mouthed Liberal satirist and he’s simply brilliant. My hat’s off to you sir, because you got it exactly right. The Left could have picked anyone but Hillary Clinton and won. But no… Hillary was promised the Presidency. She was so shocked at losing to Trump, she probably locked herself in her hotel room and went into a rage.

As Pie pointed out, what did you expect? You call people ‘a basket of Deplorables’, racist, sexist, homophobes, Islamophobes and whatever other nasty name you can think of and you are shocked when they vote for Donald Trump. The polls didn’t work because people were afraid of saying what they thought, because the Left kept threatening them. Donald Trump is now President of the United States. Get over it and start acting like adults.


From Louder with Crowder:

I don’t know who Jonathan Pie is other than the internet tells me he’s a satirist. But out of all the Election 2016 rants we’ve hit you with (see Michael Moore Schools Media Elites: ‘You’re living in a bubble…’ and WIN: Black Donald Trump Supporter Has Hilarious Message for Trump’s Haters), this is hands down the greatest. It’s like he went through this website and made it a point to hit every point we’ve been hitting, only from the left.

This is in no way safe for work. Or around small children. Or your mom.

The left is responsible for this result because the left have now decided that any other opinion, any other way of looking at the world is unacceptable. We don’t debate anymore because the left won the cultural wars. So if you’re on the right, you’re a freak. You’re evil. You’re racist. You are stupid. You are a basket of deplorables. How do you think people are going to vote if you talk to them like that? When has anyone ever been persuaded by being insulted or labeled?

Mr. Pie, we salute you…

I think everyone has forgotten how to debate out there or what it even means. If you present your facts in a logical manner that is reasoned you have a chance of winning people over. If you bludgeon people and call them names, you lose. Rioting, beating people up and destroying crap that isn’t yours, just gets you arrested. It accomplishes nothing. You are simply throwing a tantrum and it doesn’t make you cool or win you anything.

The Liberals have no one to blame but themselves. They chose a criminal as a leader and justified everything she did. They helped get Donald Trump elected as surely as if they had voted for him themselves. Instead of learning their lesson, they are still rioting across the nation and the DNC is looking at Keith Ellison, a Muslim with radical connections and a Marxist to lead them. Idiots. Oh, and Chelsea Clinton is being groomed to run for Congress. They never, ever learn. Ever.

Jonathan Pie is a Liberal. I don’t agree with him except when he points to the source of Clinton losing. And because he tells the truth, the Left will lambaste him for it. You watch. But that doesn’t make him any less right. How can anyone be shocked by President Trump?

Terresa Monroe-Hamilton

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