Gizmodo Bravely Stands Up For Hardcore Islam

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The State Department’s anti-ISIS social media campaign, Think Again Turn Away, took its inept hearts and minds mission a step further in the wrong direction this morning by promoting an anti-Islam advocate as a human rights hero.

In honor of #HumanRightsDay, Think Again Turn Away tweeted this fact sheet highlighting the accomplishments of Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

It looks like Ms. Ali went through quite a rough patch as a member of Islam, and stands against the worst segments of Islam. Obviously, Gizmodo, like the good little Progressive drone it is, as written by Kate Knibbs, has a problem with standing against hardcore Islam.

The problem? Ayaan Hirsi Ali espouses a worldview where Islam is different from other religions, in that it is an inherently violent “cult of death.” She supports the proposed ban of face veils in France, and of minarets in Switzerland. In 2007, she called for the West to defeat Islam using military force.

She also stands against female genital mutilation, forced marriages, marrying off girls as young as 6, stoning women for being raped, not allowing women to drive, not allowing women out of the house without a male family member, and treating women like 2nd class citizens, among others. One would think Kate, as a woman, would have a problem with the way women are treated in hardcore Islam. Negative. The Narrative about Islam comes before women. It’s amazing that Progressives, who say they’re all for Women, would go after Ali, among others, for standing up for women’s rights

By highlighting Ali, the State Department is highlighting the belief that radicalism and violence are woven into Islam, and that “good” Muslims must open their eyes and reject many of the underpinnings of their beliefs. Instead of excoriating ISIS for perverting Islam, the stance treats ISIS as a natural extension of the religion.

ISIS is an extension of Islam. They’re practicing it as Mohammad did. Radicalism and violence are woven into political Islam. If the violence and radicalism is rejected, this would be a rejection of Mohammad, the “perfect man”. If liberals are standing against people like Ms. Ali, doesn’t this mean, going by liberal absolutist talking points, that liberals are standing for the way women are treated in Islam?

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