Gore Effect Hits Occupiers: Sunday Is Climate Justice Day

They really should have known that the moment they planned an unhinged event such as Climate Justice Day, it would snow

(Grist) If you’ve been wondering whether, and how, the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protests relate to the environment, events planned for Sunday may offer some answers.

Except, the climate change hoax movement has nothing to do with the environment, and everything to do with redistribution of wealth, along with putting more and more control of people, businesses, and economies in the hands of government. Pure fascism.

As part of a Climate Justice Day event at New York City’s Zuccotti Park, OWS’s environmental working group is organizing activities, panels and teach-ins on topics ranging from fracking and nuclear energy to clean water and sustainable economics.

Shockingly, missing from the docket is how Occupiers can live the lives they say everyone else should live. In fact, the environmental issues to be discussed have nothing to do with the climate, except in terms of providing sweet, sweet energy that provides a comfortable existence to humans. But, the little morons apparently thought that naming it Climate Justice Day #1 was a good idea, and that there would be “Environmentalist Solidarity.” The first topic is

Nightmare on Wall St: Capitalism and the Roots of the Ecological Crisis

Hmm, sure seems like they are pushing away from a capitalistic system, perhaps into a Marxist one? And the point of the day?

To bring environmentalist forces and voices together to holistically inform political, economical and social debates inside and outside OWS.

And yet, very few of the Occupiers will actually take any measures in their own lives and are, in fact, damaging the environment in the areas they are occupying. And because they are complete hypocrites, they get

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