Green Wackos Forcing Women To Be Stay At Home Moms?

That is what a leading French feminist is saying

Elisabeth Badinter, a leading French feminist, has warned the green movement is threatening decades of improvements in gender equality by forcing women to give up their jobs and become earth mothers.

Mrs Badinter claims a “holy reactionary alliance” of green politicians, breast-feeding militants, “back to nature” feminists and child psychologists is turning Frenchwomen into slaves to green “fads” like re-usable nappies and organic food.

In her new book, Conflit, la Femme et la Mere (Conflict, the Woman and the Mother), Mrs Badinter contends that this politically correct cabal is burdening mothers with intolerable guilt unless they stay at home and breast-feed for as long as possible.

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And, of course (and unfortunately), a good chunk of these Greenies are climate alarmists who link virtually every issue to globull warming. For instance, you should not use disposable diapers because they end up in a landfill and create methane, so, switch to re-usable, because they aren’t made from petroleum, because petroleum creates CO2. The greenies tend to avoid discussion that disposable diapers tend to be safer from a health point of view for babies and those who handle the toxic mix filled diapers. And, oh, put out less CO2 in reality.

If you want a good take on organic food, I’d suggest you read the book The Last Centurion by John Ringo. Yes, it is a science fiction book, however, it describes how n0t-well organic works, much in the same way Michael Crichton’s book State Of Fear describes climahysteria.

Their perfect French mother, she writes, “breastfeeds for six months and doesn’t put her baby in a crèche or not too early, because baby needs to be with mum and not in a nest of germs; she is wary of all things artificial and is ecologically-minded. The jar of baby food has become a sign of selfishness; we’re back to the purée mashed by mum.”

Women in childbirth are even made to feel that epidurals are wrong, she goes on, adding: “We don’t need to bow down to nature.”

Those who choose to stay at work or to not have children are ostracised.

Of course, it is the Left who tends to, in practice, expose themselves as true sexists. Witness recently the treatment of Sarah Palin and Hillary Clinton. And the greenies tend to be primarily composed of …… leftists!

The Telegraph does provide some quotes from those who disagree with Badinter, but, as one would expect, the replies are in Lib Speak, and do not even come close to answering the charges.

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