HA! Chelsea Clinton Gets a NASTY Dose of Karma!

HA! Chelsea Clinton Gets a NASTY Dose of Karma!

One of the biggest mistakes that Democrats made was nominating Hillary Clinton. Had someone else been put up against Donald Trump, it’s very likely that Democrats would have won the White House in November. But liberals never learn. It didn’t take long for them to start looking to Chelsea Clinton as their next leader — but that’s already proving to be yet another mistake.


Chelsea Clinton has been placing herself in the public eye more and more since the election, with some encouraging her to run for office. But already, a #NeverChelsea movement is building among liberals. “Chelsea needs to go away,” said Guinevere Boyd, a 49 year-old Alaskan Democrat, who spoke at a Democratic National Committee forum. “She has nothing to offer. She has said some horrible clueless things about progressives and progressive issues.”

Chelsea has been especially outspoken on Twitter, with her political rantings becoming so commonplace that people have started to believe that she has her eye on Kirsten Gillibrand’s New York Senate seat. She’s denied that she plans to run in the next election, clearly stating that Gillibrand herself will be running for re-election and Chelsea will not be challenging her. But she did say that running for office in the future was a possibility.

Democrats aren’t enthusiastic about the idea though. Another Democrat, Mike Bender from Baltimore, likewise disagreed that Chelsea should run for office. “The country does not have any more appetite for any Clintons,” he said. “Enough is enough, and frankly I think the Clinton policies, going back to Bill, are what took the Democrats to the center and the right, and you can see what kind of enthusiasm that inspired.”

Others, though, said that they might be willing to support her. But they didn’t exactly offer ringing endorsements. “I don’t know,” Ali Khawar, District of Columbia, said. “I think if she decided to run, that is her right as a citizen, and I will judge her on her merits and to the extent that voters think her familial relationship are good or bad, that is something for them to judge her on.”

Chelsea currently serves as vice-chairwoman of the Clinton Foundation, which has come under fire since the election and whose future is currently uncertain. Hacked e-mails from WikiLeaks also exposed some friction between Chelsea and Clinton confidant Doug Band, who called her a “spoiled brat” and accused her of using “foundation resources for her wedding and life for a decade.” Chelsea fired back that Band was trying to cash in on the Clinton name and use it to launch his own company and make himself money.

Do you think Chelsea Clinton should run for office?

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