‘Hamilton’ Star Who Lectured Mike Pence Has Own History of Sexism

‘Hamilton’ Star Who Lectured Mike Pence Has Own History of Sexism

Liberals have cheered the cast of the Broadway show “Hamilton” for delivering a statement to Vice President-Elect Mike Pence on diversity and the need for the new administration to represent all Americans. And indeed, the Trump team has been frequently criticized with allegations of sexim and racism being leveled against them throughout the election season. But if that was what bothered the cast of Hamilton so much, then maybe they should look at themselves first.


It turns out that Brandon Victor Dixon, the star of the show that delivered the statement on behalf of the cast, has his own disturbing history. In 2012, he gleefully talked about taking advantage of drunk white women on St. Patrick’s Day:


In 2013, he bragged about having sex with married suburban housewives in retaliation for the Trayvon Martin shooting.


But there’s no problem with racism or rape culture here, right? The hypocrisy here is simply unbelievable.

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