American Flag Shirts Banned…But They Allow This!

American Flag Shirts Banned…But They Allow This!

Here we go again, allowing immigrants/Liberals to do whatever they want, however, if you actually belong to this country you can’t voice your opinion. Democrats are such hypocrites, you won’t believe the latest stunt they pulled! A school in California banned the American flag T-shirts because the graphics were “inappropriate”, but allowing political bantering on a shirt is okay?!


From Publius Forum:

Despite those rules, school authorities are now allowing students to wear shirts attacking Trump and his voters.

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One of the girls who requested the bending of the rules felt her blatantly hostile shirt made her “feel equal” and said wearing the short was an expression of her “free speech.”

“I feel like they’re saying that we can wear the shirt makes me feel equal with them now. That I have the same privileges as they do. I didn’t feel that before,” student Angelina Alvarez told the media.

A district spokesperson said the shirts were allowed because the district allows political speech.

“Regardless of what side you’re on, we do allow students to wear their political attire as long as safety and security of our students is not compromised and that we maintain focus on learning,” spokesperson Annette Franco said.


The school also said it was looking into punishing students who were reportedly unhappy about the shirts and who “bullied” the Hispanic students for their anti-Trump garb.

The school’s decision comes after the Ninth Circuit Court upheld another California school district’s ban on students wearing U.S. Flag T-Shirts on the American/Mexican holiday Cinco De Mayo.

The case arose when a group of American students wanted to wear their U.S. flag shirts while other students draped themselves in Mexico’s national colors. The American-boosting student, though, were told to go home and change their clothes and that they would not be allowed to wear the U.S. flag-themed garb because it might upset the Mexican students.

The students took the district to court and lost their case and their appeal to the U.S. Ninth Circuit Court.

When the decision was handed down American Freedom Law Center Co-Founder and Senior Counsel Robert Muise said, “It is truly a sad day when government officials are permitted to ban the American flag on a public high school campus for any reason. Here, school officials feared that our clients would offend ‘Mexican’ students if they wore their flag shirts to school on Cinco de Mayo, so they ordered the students to either remove their shirts or leave school in direct violation of their First Amendment rights.”

In contrast, authorities at Newport Harbor High School seem to have ruled that shirts attacking Donald Trump do not contain “triggering” messages and anyone speaking against the shirts may be punished.

This is WRONG, how is it not completely obvious? Whoever is setting the rules for this school must have had their brains scrambled…


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