Hypocrite: BuzzFeed’s Liberal Founder Is Trying To Convince His Own Employees Not To Unionize

Hypocrite: BuzzFeed’s Liberal Founder Is Trying To Convince His Own Employees Not To Unionize

Whoa. Hold the phone, people. We got a backpedaling liberal here, who says that basically what is good for the goose ain’t necessarily for the gander. See, liberals are curious creatures. They are all about the unions and minimum wage increases until it starts to affect their bottom line. Funny how that works, now isn’t it?:


During a staff meeting on Friday, BuzzFeed founder and CEO Jonah Peretti said he didn’t think a union would be “very good for employees.”

Which is SO WEIRD. ‘Cause liberals are all ‘bout them unions.

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This “fiscal liberal” gave two reasons why he doesn’t want them to unionize.

“A lot of the best new-economy companies are environments where there’s an alliance between managers and employees,” he said. “People have shared goals. Benefits and perks and compensation are very competitive, and I feel like that’s the kind of market we’re in.”

WOW! That’s a little too free market-y sounding, don’t you think?

“A lot of times when you look at companies that have unionized, the relationship is very different,” he continued. “The relationship is much more adversarial, and you have lawyers negotiating for comp and looking at comparable companies and trying to keep compensation matched with other companies.”

Huh. Interesting, coming from a lib.

“In general, I don’t think it’s the right idea for us. The only thing about BuzzFeed is that we’re global, most unions are national,” he said. “We have people who move between different roles and in general unions do a lot of defining clearly what individual roles, and what the job function is. So for a flexible, dynamic company, it isn’t something I think would be great for the company.”

Not too flexible, if you ask me. I thought you guys LOVED unions! Come on, don’t you think that having your people have a voice is a GOOD thing? I mean, everyone likes paying compulsory dues for something they never use, am I right? The glaring hypocrisy is just too rich here. I’m gonna be laughing at these clowns the rest of the day.

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