I Have A Challenge For Every Liberal Politician In America

Whatever else you want to say about the Democrats during this cycle, you can’t say they haven’t gotten a lot done. Moreover, Barack Obama may be a pathological liar, but he wasn’t lying about the change. That promise, ambiguous though it may be, he kept. Yet, what do we hear? The Democrats seem to want to campaign on everything BUT what they’ve actually done. They’re talking about Bush, attacking Republicans, and running from the policies they’ve implemented.

So, here’s my challenge: run on your record. Run on the stimulus bill, cash for clunkers, higher taxes, and cap and trade (which has passed the House). Run on the job Obama has done on the oil spill. Look people in the eye and tell the truth: You think Democrats have done a good job of cleaning up corruption, of creating jobs, getting the deficit under control, handling the bailouts, and running the war on terror. Don’t forget to advocate closing Gitmo either. Of course, most importantly, talk non-stop about how wonderful Obamacare is for America.

Liberals keep claiming that they’re smarter than everyone else. They say that their policies are great for the country. Well, guess what? Liberals were able to implement their policies, their way, this time around.

So, don’t vote with Nancy Pelosi all year long and then campaign like you’re a moderate Republican when election time comes around. Have the guts to be honest: tell people that you agree with Nancy Pelosi, you think Barack Obama is another FDR, and you’re looking forward to voting for cap and trade, comprehensive immigration reform, and more bailouts if you’re reelected.

The Democratic Party has a record this time around, an extremely liberal record: You liberals should pretend like you have a pair and run on it.

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