In People’s Republik Of California, Teacher Who Appeared In Adult Videos Denied Her Job Back

Liberals are on the forefront of the “if it feels good, do it” attitude. Liberals have created an attitude where pornography is just an expression of sexuality, and should not be condemned, and that “there’s nothing wrong with it”. Yet, there are consequences for expressing that sexuality

(The Blaze) A middle-school science teacher fired after students learned she had appeared in pornographic movies had hoped not just to get her job back, but to set a precedent for people looking to escape an embarrassing personal history. News of the story first broke after the educator was dismissed of her teaching duties in April 2012.

A three-judge commission put a decisive stop to both, saying firmly and unanimously that Stacie Halas should not be in the classroom.

That’s weird. This is the highly liberal People’s Republik of California, where the pornography industry is based, yet this young woman, who only participated in making some videos for 8 months, and not while she was teaching, has lost her job for participating in a legal venture. Where’s the liberal attitude of tolerance? Was she a good teacher? Where are the liberals defending her?

Now, on one hand, she broke no laws. On the other hand, this whole attitude of women showing their bodies off can create problems out in The Real World. While I love sites like The Chive, the attitude of young women taking pictures of themselves in next to nothing isn’t the wisest of ideas. I’m still waiting for the post of “Chivettes Fired From Work”.

It’s interesting to note that in other cases, teachers are damned near impossible to fire. Ones who are abusive, drug users, incompetent, sexually harass students, failing to show up for work. Where’s the liberal teacher’s union? Halas made a mistake then reformed her life.

An interesting comment by TheBurningTruth

Sorry, all out of sympathy for her, and most everyone else. After all:

1) I’ve been deemed “an enemy to be punished” because I disagreed over immigration policy with Der Fuhrer.
2) Declared a racist because I don’t believe in borrowing trillions for political paybacks and Believe people should get what they earn
3) Believe that it’s wrong to hire govt officials to steal other people’s money just to give to me
4) Declared to want kids dead because I believe in the 2nd amendment
5) Called an “extremist” because I have principals and won’t negotiate on just anything that comes along
6) Viciously attacked because I’m straight
7) Called innumerable obscene names by the intolerant Progressive Left because I’m conservative

Note that none of what I did was ever illegal or even really immoral, just that I expressed a legitimate difference of opinion. Too bad, Tiffiny! (Halas’ screen name was “Tiffany Six”)

Further comments go on to point out that liberals have forgiven lefties like Marion Berry. Remember that they had no problem with a sitting president having adulterous sexual relations with a woman young enough to be his daughter in the Oval Office, along with credible complaints of sexual harassment and rape.

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