It’s Time for the Occupy Mob to Call It Quits

Remember when the Left was saying that Americans should fear the Tea Partiers because they were a potentially dangerous, violent mob? Well now, we actually have a dangerous, violent mob of thugs, anarchists, hippies, and wannabe revolutionaries committing rape and vandalism in between arrests and breaks to poo on people’s doorsteps. And guess what? Liberals love ’em! “Ooh, they’re on our side and they have drums! They must be our type of people!”

Granted, we do have a lot of political differences, but I would at least hope that we could all agree that it’s bad to vandalize stores, encourage women not to report rapes to the police, and create havoc in cities across America. Sadly, our common ground doesn’t seem to extend that far because the Left still supports the Occupy movement despite the fact that it has turned into a bubbling puddle of human scum. Oh wait, is that too harsh? Should I have gone with a “wretched hive of scum and villainy?” Nice phrase, but it seemed a little too kitschy. (PS: Ben Shapiro suggested a “cesspool of intellectual and moral craptitude,” which isn’t awful either)

Just look at what’s going on.

Widespread vandalism. Advocating violence against police. Shoving a police officer into a moving bus. Businesses being forced to close because of threats. Multiple reports of Anti-Semitism. People being threatened with death for reporting rapes to the police. Then there are the thousands of arrests, people advocating violent revolution, sex with animals, and even defecating on a cop car.

When you have a frustrated, increasingly lawless freeloading mob that’s looking to incite conflict with the police to get headlines, it’s not hard to see that it probably won’t end very well. The longer the Occupy protests go on, the more women are going to be raped, the more businesses are going to be vandalized, the more people’s lives are going to be disrupted, and the more likely it is that widescale violence is going to erupt. That’s why the police should crack down on the Occupy mob, force the protesters to obey the law, and where possible, bring the overnight protests to a peaceful conclusion before more innocent people get hurt.

This originally appeared at The Huffington Post.

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