Joe Romm Admits That Climate Realists Are Winning

And all because of DICs

When it comes to messaging, the right wing media machine has perfected the ability to turn molehills into mountain. Progressives, on the other hand, have perfected the art of turning mountains into molehills.

So Joe’s admitting he’s a hardcore progressive with an agenda?

Nowhere is that clearer than in the cases of clean energy and climate change (and more broadly, clean air and clean water). From the perspective of polling and public opinion, they are all issues that are very popular across the political spectrum (other than Tea Party extremists), including independents. That is, they are among the best wedge issues progressives have (see here and here).

But thanks to the steadfast rhetorical brilliance of the denier industrial complex (DIC) – aka repeating lies and half-truths endlessly – and the general fecklessness of President Obama and other key Democratic politicians, many progressives are actually convinced that climate change is a losing message and are even on the defensive on slam dunk issues like clean energy and clean air/water.

There’s no better way to get people to listen to you than by calling them DICs. And whine and whine and whine.

Look, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there is nothing wrong with clean energy, water, air, keeping the environment as pristine as possible. 99.99% on the Right will agree with me. However, they are good for their own reasons, not because of the climate change hoax. And the Warmists have taken every real environmental and energy issue and folded them under the banner of their pet pseudo-religion. We need solar energy not because it can eventually be cheap and it’s more abundant, and the world needs more power as it expands; no, we need it because trace amounts of a gas necessary for life will cause the Earth to burn to a cinder, at least in Warmist World. People have to be forced to by non-incandescent light bulbs to save the coral from global warming!!!!!!! Dying coral couldn’t possibly have anything to do with actual pollutants in our waters.

The Warmists continually over-reach, and turn issues that most of us can agree on into unhinged and far left issues. It starts out as “well, America needs more energy. Let’s consider doing some research into creating more viable alternatives.” Then the Warmists latch on to the issue and say “if we don’t do away with oil and coal and use green energy RIGHT NOW, we’ll all die!!!! And everyone else needs to give up their car and use CFLs (not me, I have to get to work and CFL light stinks). We must save Gaia from Mankind’s greenhouse gas folly!!!!!” Are you going to listen to the latter, or think the person is mentally deranged? And let’s not forget that many of the climate weenies will then block the actual building/implementation of many “green” energy projects.

BTW, Mother Jones also admits that the “deniers” have won.

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