Kamala Harris Loses It: Trump Border Wall ‘Stupid Use of Taxpayer Money’

Kamala Harris Loses It: Trump Border Wall ‘Stupid Use of Taxpayer Money’

Donald Trump promised to build a border wall throughout the presidential election, although there have been multiple obstacles so far. He hasn’t been able to get any funding dedicated to the wall, but at his rally in Phoenix on Tuesday, he made it clear that he isn’t giving up on his plan. And Kamala Harris just slammed him for it.

Harris, a California Democrat, previously vowed to block funding for Trump’s border wall, calling it a “waste of money.” And after Trump’s rally, she echoed that sentiment yet again. Wednesday, she took to Twitter to express her opposition once again.

Harris previously worked as the San Francisco district attorney, before moving on to be the California attorney general. She then defeated Loretta Sanchez to replace Barbara Boxer in the Senate. Why is her background relevant? Because it was in Harris’ home city of San Francisco that one woman was murdered by an illegal immigrant — a murder that made national headlines.

Kate Steinle was killed in 2015 by an illegal immigrant in San Francisco while Harris was serving as the California attorney general. San Francisco is a sanctuary city, something Steinle’s murderer later said he was aware of and that he specifically chose to go to San Francisco because of its status as a sanctuary city. In sanctuary cities, law enforcement is prohibited from asking someone about their immigration status, which Harris believes is vital for immigrants to be able to talk to law enforcement without fear.

Rather than realize that sanctuary city policies don’t work, Harris responded to Steinle’s death by calling for comprehensive Amnesty legislation. So it’s not too surprising that she would respond so negatively to Trump’s proposed border wall.

Do you want Trump to build the wall?

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