Leftist Al Sharpton To Attack Leftist Hollywood Over “Selma” Snub

Get your popcorn ready! Leftists are outraged by the Academy Award nominees

Yes. Yes it is

(Daily Caller) MSNBC host and civil rights activist Al Sharpton is calling for an emergency meeting of his eight-member diversity task force to discuss action against the Academy Awards after the movie “Selma” received only one Oscars nomination.

“The movie industry is like the Rocky Mountains, the higher you get, the whiter it gets,” Sharpton said with usual flair in a statement released Thursday after the announcement of Oscar nominations.

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Many, including Sharpton, were outraged that none of the actors in “Selma,” a movie about the 1965 Voting Rights Act, were nominated for the golden statues.

“The lack of diversity in today’s Oscar nominations is appalling and while it is good that Selma was nominated for ‘Best Picture,’ it’s ironic that they nominated a story about the racial shutout around voting while there is a racial shutout around the Oscar nominations,” Sharpton continued in his statement.

“I have called an emergency meeting early next week in Hollywood with the task force to discuss possible action around the Academy Awards.”

Interesting. Leftist Hollywood snubbed “Selma”. Of course, there were plenty of snubs, just. Like. Every. Year. There have been plenty of notorious snubs. Just because Selma was snubbed doesn’t mean it was racism, or, raaaaacism. Selma is very well reviewed, at least by Rotten Tomatoes. A movie being well liked by the audience is never a reason one gets an Academy Award nomination. Nor do the box office receipts influence a nomination.

Does Selma deserve any nominations? I don’t know, I did not see it. I have no intention of watching it. Not because it is about Blacks, but because it is a drama, and I rarely watch dramas, preferring science fiction and horror. I won’t go see Paddington Bear, either. I might watch American Sniper and Unbroken when they come out on DVD. I might not.

This does set up and interesting fight between Leftist Al Sharpton and his mafia extortion tactics (which would get others thrown in jail) vs. Leftist Hollywood.

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