Liberal Activists Attempt To ‘Clarify’ Why They HATE Trump…HILARITY Ensues! [WATCH]

Liberal Activists Attempt To ‘Clarify’ Why They HATE Trump…HILARITY Ensues! [WATCH]

Animal activists were out and about in their packs, protesting President Donald Trump this week in sunny Hollywood, California. Many of the protesters were quite anxious to speak to Dartmouth graduate and ambitious filmmaker Austen Fleccas about their utter contempt for the president…Sense, reason and HISTORY aside, these proud little protesters wouldn’t be silenced!


Assembling on Hollywood Blvd. right around President Trump’s Hollywood Walk of Fame sidewalk star, the protesters held up their cardboard signs with creative, strong phrases, all while yelling in unison, “There’s no excuse for animal abuse!” One protester even felt extremely violated on behalf of the animals and said Trump was “against all humans and animals.”

Fleccas met with several of the participants, who told him they were complaining about the USDA’s decision to take away their list of animal welfare reports from its Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, but pointed the blame of the decision directly to the president.

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Fleccas continued:

“Why are you against Trump?”

Cue the little protester that could:

“Because he’s an evil dictator!”

She then went on to justify that it was because he is a capitalist, whiles she is a communist. Then one unnamed protester continued to drive the conversation from there, saying that communism has worked in America:

“It’s kind of worked in America, in a way, back in the day…no?”

Alright folks, we can’t blame these kids for what they say…Because I can pretty much guarantee that neither one of them even know what communism REALLY is. Neither one has read ‘The Black Book of Communism’, let alone ‘The Communist Manifesto’…chalk it up to a progressive public school system.

This is why teaching REAL, FACTUAL history is imperative to getting these kids to wake up. They all want freedom inside…They have just been fed a steady diet of revisionist history since the first grade.

Although others did stay focused on the animal rights aspect, claiming freedom for all of them, with one protester claiming:

“Total animal liberation!”

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