Liberal Gun Hating Group Everytown Prefers Young College Girls Drunk

Liberals have been on a tear over the past couple of years regarding sexual assault on campus, which is interesting in that college campuses tend to be very Left leaning. They are very concerned about rape on campus. One would think that Liberals would be concerned with making sure young women are able to defend themselves. Nope. Only with whistles and/or peeing or vomiting on themselves

(Breitbart) On March 19, Everytown for Gun Safety tweeted to proponents of campus carry, asking if giving guns to their “drunk, college-age daughters” is really a great idea.

This question follows campus carry bills making it out of committee in Florida and Nevada, and it also follows Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s reaffirmation that he will sign campus carry legislation once it reaches his desk.

Ironically, in late February, Everytown criticized Nevada GOP Leader Michele Fiore (R-Las Vegas) for describing college-age females as “young, hot little girls on campus.” Fiore said men bent on sexual assault would think twice if “young, hot little girls on campus have a firearm.”

But now, with Everytown’s drunk daughters tweet, we finally understand—it’s okay to paint with a broad brush and describe college females as irresponsible humans, but it’s not okay to mention how unarmed, attractive women are targeted for sexual assault and worse.

So, Everytown is an enabler for young college women to get themselves vastly liquored up, a situation which lowers inhibitions and can easily lead to these young women being taken advantage of in a sexual manner. Of course, they would not be eligible to actually carry a firearm while drinking. But, open and concealed carry would be a great way to protect women when they aren’t drinking. Liberals apparently hate guns more than they want women to protect themselves.

The link leads to hyper-feminist Jezebel, which essentially exposes that feminists are more against guns than for women defending themselves.

Anyone notice anything interesting in that photo?

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