So, an 11 YEAR-OLD KID isn’t allowed to be upset about seeing what looks like his own father’s severed bleeding head, but a 16 YEAR-OLD COLLEGE STUDENT sees “Trump” written in chalk on the sidewalk and all Democrats, liberals and the whole left suddenly need a safe space with a fluffy dog, Play Doh, a fidget spinner, an abortion and a sex change?

Stupid liberals.

Normally, I am a little more graceful, but this ticks me off.

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I am so tired of the left and their hate, now even for children (who once were off limits, it was an unspoken LAW), and have no problem making them the focus of their attacks now. Even to the extent of striking terror into their hearts, then making fun of them when it scares them! This guy deserves a throat punch…

By this guy, I’m talking about scumbag liberal writer, Gregg Easterbrook, who had the demon heart to tweet that 11 year-old Barron Trump is now an open target for his attacks to take down our President.

Really man? This is disgusting, but not all that surprising. We all know that liberals only care about children when it comes time to abort. Of course that’s them caring only about having the right to do so as often as they want.

This guy though didn’t come out of the woods uninvited, it all started with so-called “comedian” Griffin, who we all know was stupid enough to show her true colors as demon spawn and posted a photo showing herself holding the bloody, severed head of President Trump. Because you know…she’s the new poster child for ISIS and all.

Well, as expected, Donald Trump’s youngest son, Barron who is only 11 years-old became terrified when that photo appeared before him on TV. In response to this, President Trump made it clear that it was NOT okay to do that to his son.

Following this, dirtbag Easterbrook reacted with what seemed like absolute GLEE to the President’s attempt to protect his son and stand up for him. The leftist piece of trash writer took to his Twitter account to announce his “happiness” that since Trump mentioned his son, we can all now attack the boy.

How does he figure? Well, he’s an idiot…so he doesn’t figure, he just talks out of his butt.

I thought liberals were supposed to be all about peace, love, understanding and especially…the children. If they make it past 9 months that is.

Obviously, they are not…

And this fool could use a little KARMA to recompense for his cruel attack. So spread the word…he’s a total a-hole. The world needs to know.

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