Liberals Discover New Sacred Victim Group: The Ugly

The cultural Marxist campaign to turn America against itself requires that ever more people be established as sacred victims deserving of special privileges at the expense of demonized normal people. Blacks, Muslims, homosexuals, who is next? Why not ugly people?

A drumbeat of research over the past decades has found that attractive people earn more than their average-looking peers, are more likely to be given loans by banks, and are less likely to be convicted by a jury. Voters prefer better-looking candidates; students prefer better-looking professors, while teachers prefer better-looking students. …

The galloping injustice of “lookism” has not escaped psychologists, economists, sociologists, and legal scholars. Stanford law professor Deborah L. Rhode’s 2010 book, “The Beauty Bias,” lamented “the injustice of appearance in life and law,” while University of Texas, Austin economist Daniel Hamermesh’s 2011 “Beauty Pays,” recently out in paperback, traced the concrete benefits of attractiveness, including a $230,000 lifetime earnings advantage over the unattractive.

Hold tight to your wallets, non-ugly people. Reparations could be on the way. Already the masterminds are hard at work thinking of ways to exploit this concept by playing off ugly people against everyone else.

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Some have proposed legal remedies including designating unattractive people as a protected class, creating affirmative action programs for the homely, or compensating disfigured but otherwise healthy people in personal-injury courts. Others have suggested using technology to help fight the bias, through methods like blind interviews that take attraction out of job selection. There’s promising evidence from psychology that good old-fashioned consciousness-raising has a role to play, too.

“Consciousness-raising” is liberalese for propaganda. If our moonbat rulers could convince whole generations that it is bad to be white, why couldn’t they convince us that it’s bad to be attractive?

As with all things liberal, coercion will be entailed. Consider these laws to be precursors:

The state of Michigan banned height and weight discrimination in 1977, and six municipalities, including Washington, D.C., and San Francisco, have followed suit with similar statutes.

This is good news for dwarves interested in pursuing careers in the NBA, but very bad news for anyone who would like to live in a free country, in which employers would hire whomever they deem fit, rather than whomever liberal bureauweenies have granted the supreme privilege of being designated “oppressed.”

Hamermesh has proposed “affirmative-action programs for the ugly,” or extending the Americans with Disabilities Act to include the unattractive.

Insane? Obviously. But once you open the door a crack to insanity, you can be sure the liberals shoving from the other side will soon have it open wide.

The law no longer allows airlines to cater to the preferences of male business travelers with all-female steward staff, for example, so why is looks-based discrimination acceptable just because customers may prefer it?

It would have been better to resist at the beginning, when sanctimonious tyrants first proclaimed their right to impose their deranged whims on employers under the guise of “civil rights.”

The alleged oppression of the unattractive opens a new area of research for the social engineers who are redesigning us in accordance with their utopian ideals.

Research on how to prime ourselves to overcome this bias is still in its infancy, but [Connor Principe, an assistant professor of psychology at Pacific University] says there are promising hints from the more robust research on racism that bad cognitive habits can be broken. A paper published last year in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology showed how researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison devised a “habit-breaking intervention” that included teaching subjects to recognize their own responses and adopting the stigmatized person’s perspective. The intervention drastically reduced subjects’ racial biases, even months later.

These subconscious “racial biases” serve to keep people who live in urban environments alive by causing them to avoid dangerous situations. But the masterminds have decided this self-defense mechanism must be eradicated. A preference for beauty presumably serves its purposes too; however, our politically correct overlords know much better than Mother Nature

Here’s a question worthy of some research: Why would liberals want to brainwash and/or coerce people into no longer preferring beauty to ugliness? The same question can be applied to the arts. The answer could be the key to unlock the mysteries of the moral horror that is liberalism.

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