Liberals Give North Carolina A Window Into What They Really Think Of Southerners

There could be nothing dumber than a southern state like North Carolina that votes for Obama. Not only is he a radical, northeastern liberal who has proven to be a terrible President, but left-wingers like Obama hold Southerners in contempt. A Southerner voting for Obama is like a sharecropper voting for four more years of indentured servitude.

Of course, liberals know how to play the game. After treating Christians and black Americans like trash most of the time, they show up in black churches at the last minute and pretend they care for them just long enough to sucker people into voting. They do the same thing with Southerners. They’ll hold a few campaign rallies. They’re even having the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte this year.

Yet, what are liberals saying today after the state overwhelmingly stood up for marriage, family, and Christianity with a crushing 61 percent to 39 percent victory for Amendment One? Here’s what you’re hearing on Twitter, some of which is courtesy of Twitchy.

If you’re a Southerner and you think Barack Obama, Joe Biden, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Eric Holder, Hillary Clinton and the rest of the far left wingers who control the Democratic Party look at you any differently than the people who got upset and tweeted what liberals really think, then you’re a fool. This is how liberals view Southerners: dumb, inbred hicks who are entirely too dedicated to Jesus and need to be taught how to behave by their betters. This is what they think of North Carolinians. It’s what they think of Virginians. It’s what they think of people from West Virginia. If you’re a Southerner who is going to vote for people who look at you with complete contempt, then again, you’re a fool.

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