“Liberals Love Free Speech: So Long As You Agree With Them”

“Liberals Love Free Speech: So Long As You Agree With Them”

Why is it that every basement-dwelling, pig-kissing, sub-literate liberal moron in America is determined to display his ignorance to the world on Facebook and Twitter? For example, take this guy on the MrConservative.com Facebook page.


Don’t you love the liberal fascist mentality? There are people here who don’t agree with me, so they shouldn’t be allowed to speak at all. Does that go both ways? After all, there certainly were a lot of liberals who were disrespectful to George Bush.


You want to see the kind of hate mail you get when you write conservative articles on the net? Here’s a little sample.

Albert Hess <****************@gmail.com>

Subject: Death

John Hawkins deserves to die for what he’s done and he should be killed to send a message loud enough to convince other people not to publish documents like this in the future.

Note, that we don’t have conservatives reaching out to these mouth breathing imbeciles, they’re just inflicting their ignorance on us like some sort Ebola of stupid.

This happens all day long on Twitter, too. You have liberals popping up out of nowhere to say moronic jack in the boxes. What’s the point of showing up out of the middle of nowhere to tell someone else how much you disagree with them?

Of course, the nice thing about that is every so often, if you’re not too busy working, it’s fun to give them a little taste of their own medicine — and then some.

toure smackdown

Ah, liberals! They love free speech as long as they’re the only ones who get to talk!

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