Liberals in Philadelphia Offer to Pay Bail of Anyone Who Breaks the Law to Resist “State Control”

Liberals in Philadelphia Offer to Pay Bail of Anyone Who Breaks the Law to Resist “State Control”

In Philadelphia, there exists a group of over-dramatic wannabe revolutionaries who have no concept of history and what revolutions – besides the American revolution – actually bring. They apply chaos in the name of social justice and their group is called ‘It’s Going Down’, or IGD.

On their website, you can donate to their ‘Autonomous Anti-Repression Fund’, used to bail out anyone that may ‘resist’ any sort of ‘State control’.

In other words, if you fight against the police, they’ll bail you out…

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Straight from their website:

“In today’s increasingly dark political climate, it is more important than ever to directly support people taking risks and going on the offensive against the misery of everyday life, whether as part of a broader political strategy or for reasons of everyday survival and self-defense. The PHL Autonomous Anti-Repression Fund aims to offer a safety net for people in Philadelphia who are limited in their ability to act because they lack resources for bail and other fees if something goes wrong.”

“This anti-repression fund is part of a broader project of building informal networks of care and resistance outside of non-profits and other organizations, which all too often have their own constraints about what they can and can’t support. We aim to support people and activities that are criminalized by the state while also unsupported by formal activist organizations and the mainstream public. The actions we support will not necessarily be planned, “political,” or contain a palatable message.”

“All donations to the anti-repression fund will go directly towards paying bail, bond, legal and/or medical fees following arrest. Your contributions will encourage and embolden people to do what they need to do to try to get free, knowing that other people have their back.”

Notice how they never state a direct and specific cause of their ‘misery of everyday life’, just that it’s the ‘state’ that causes it.

This whole group and their ideals stink of Marxist, American loathing, scumbagery who look at life through a ‘what can everyone else do for me?’ lens. These people are poison and it’s best to not taint yourself with their self-inflicted misery.

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